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Financial services firms are under pressure as more investors choose a self-directed approach and shift their money toward emergent fintech disruptors. Discover how financial services firms can evolve to stay competitive, win business, and leverage CX to succeed.



AI And Open Banking Payments Dominate Money20/20 Europe 2024

Oliwia Berdak June 11, 2024
While Money20/20 Europe had a number of themes this year — including “A Customer Universe of One” and “The Business Of Money” — AI and open banking payments really stole the show. But while the AI discussion remained mostly high-level, a confluence of factors have made open banking payments closer to mainstream adoption and therefore red-hot.

You Better Shape Up! Insights From Australia’s 2024 CX Index Study

Riccardo Pasto June 3, 2024
Our latest research, working off of Australia 2024 Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) study data, reveals that most brands and agencies in our study saw the quality of their CX either flatlining or declining. In 2024, we surveyed banking, investment, government, and, for the first time, superannuation firms.

What We’re Most Excited To See At Money20/20 Europe 2024

Oliwia Berdak May 30, 2024
This blog provides an overview of key themes that we’re most excited to discuss at Money20/20 Europe 2024.

A Match Made In Plastic? Capital One’s Quest To Acquire Discover

Peter Wannemacher May 20, 2024
Capital One’s plan to acquire Discover will change the shape of the financial services landscape (though not the fundamental forces that drive growth and success — but more on that later). To help you understand the implications of the proposed merger, Forrester took a deep dive into our research and data (full report for clients […]

Navigating The Regulatory Maze: Enhancing Customer Experience In Finance And Healthcare

Arielle Trzcinski May 20, 2024
No regulation was designed to ruin the customer experience, yet poor experiences in regulated industries abound. At CX Summit North America, we'll explore how leading organizations are navigating these challenges.

Beyond Basics: Unleashing The Potential Of Mobile Banking Apps In India

Pushpa Marwal May 11, 2024
Mobile banking customers in India are finding that their apps are lagging behind and they might not wait around until the apps catch up. Learn a few of the emerging features that Indian consumers see as table stakes in mobile banking in this preview of a new report.

Anti-Money Laundering In APAC: What’s Hot In 2024?

Meng Liu May 7, 2024
New hotspots have emerged for money launderers in the APAC region. Learn the latest anti-money laundering trends and how innovative technology including generative AI can help address the challenges.

Joint Accounts Are So ’90s: Why FIs Need Better Shared Finance Products

Peter Wannemacher May 7, 2024
Shared finance is still a largely overlooked need, despite being a common one. Read four key findings from our new report.

50/50: Capital One, Discover, And Differentiation In Credit Cards

Peter Wannemacher May 6, 2024
Welcome back to Forrester’s blog series, 50/50, where we showcase two sides of a B2C marketing issue. This time, we explore how consumers feel about Capital One’s bid to acquire Discover — and how differentiated credit card brands are in the eyes of customers. The main catalyst for this research is Capital One’s announced plan […]

Introducing The Forrester Wave™: Workday Services, Q2 2024

Akshara Naik Lopez April 17, 2024
In our 25-criterion evaluation of Workday services providers, we identified the most significant ones and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This blog introduces you to the report on how each provider measures up and helps enterprise technology leaders select the right one for their needs.

To Spark Innovation, Make The D In DEI About Disability, Too

David Hoffman March 13, 2024
People with disabilities are innately resourceful and can serve as the cornerstone of innovation at financial institutions. Learn four ways many firms miss out on this opportunity for innovation and inclusivity.

Slouching Towards Ubiquity: Five Notable Fintech Companies

Peter Wannemacher February 23, 2024
While most of fintech is slouching towards ubiquity, these five notable fintechs stand out. Learn what makes them different than the rest in this blog post.

The ESG Data And Analytics Market Is Changing Rapidly

Aurelie L'Hostis January 30, 2024
Understand the value that you can expect from an ESG data and analytics provider, learn how providers differ, and investigate options.

Financial Services, Healthcare, And Public Sector Clients Are Rapidly Adopting Workday Finance, Adaptive, And PRISM

Akshara Naik Lopez January 22, 2024
Planning an HCM or Finance/ERP RFP this year? Get some key takeaways from Forrester's new Workday Services Landscape report.

It’s Time To Tell Your Digital Money Story (Financial Institutions)

Tom Mouhsian January 11, 2024
Organizations that are advanced in their digital measurement practices track their performance through digitally sourced revenues, digitally impacted costs, digitally enhanced operations, and digitally satisfied customers. To help our clients do just that, we’ve created a digital measurement framework and customized it to specific industry sectors. Digital leaders from financial institutions including banking, insurance, and […]

Here’s What We’re Predicting For Indian Financial Services In 2024

Pushpa Marwal December 27, 2023
Wow, what a wild ride 2023 turned out to be for India, right? We got a spanking new Parliament, nailed space missions, successfully organized the G20 Summit, and even saved people stuck in a tunnel! Then elections buzz and a near miss at winning the ODI World Cup got us all worked up in Q4. […]

European Banks Struggle To Earn High Levels Of Customer Trust

Aurelie L'Hostis December 18, 2023
Consumers in France, Italy, Spain, and the UK generally rate their trust towards their bank as weak or — at best — moderate.

The NPCI’s Hello! UPI Is Ready To Transform Digital Payments In India

Pushpa Marwal November 9, 2023
Imagine sitting down at a charming Sikkim restaurant in Nepal, ready to enjoy a delightful meal with colleagues, only to realize that none of you have brought your wallets — no cash, no cards, nothing. Well, that happened to us on our recent trip to Nepal. We had only our smartphones, the ubiquitous companions of […]

Swedish Banks Continue To Lag On CX And Should Embrace Opportunities For Improvement

Martin Gill November 6, 2023
[This blog was written by Jana Gül.] Swedish banking brands offer the worst customer experiences in Europe and score below the European average. Even though Swedish customers rated their banks’ performance as lamentably low, there are opportunities to improve on customer experience (CX) and drive loyalty. Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) measures how well […]

Highlights dell’Italy Banking CX Index 2023 – In che modo i marchi bancari italiani possono fidelizzarsi attraverso una migliore customer experience?

Enza Iannopollo November 6, 2023
This blog was co-written by Luca LoScavo   Il CX Index di Forrester misura la qualità della customer experience che un marchio offre ai propri clienti per creare e sostenere la fedeltà. Nel 2023, abbiamo effettuato un benchmark della qualità della CX di 9 marchi bancari italiani leader del settore.  La qualità della CX nelle banche […]
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