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B2B Summit APAC 2022

Forrester provides research-based insights, curated frameworks and tools with hands-on guidance to accelerate growth.

We invite you to learn more about Forrester Decisions, our new portfolio of research services tailored to the most pressing priorities that will help you and your team deliver top-notch results in record time.

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One Pagers

Forrester Decisions for B2B Marketing Executives

B2B organisations rely on the CMO to identify forces that create opportunities. We help senior marketing leaders envision and execute a long-term marketing strategy that focuses the business on customer value through a proven strategic approach.

Forrester Decisions for Demand & Account-Based Marketing

B2B buyers are now more digitally savvy, empowered, and demanding than ever. We help demand and account-based marketing leaders attract new buyers and existing customer accounts through a proven strategic approach.

Forrester Decisions for Marketing Operations

Elevating marketing operations leaders become strategic partners who use data and technology to highlight the insights that matter. With a combination of bold vision, curated tools and frameworks, and hands-on guidance, you’ll deliver increased marketing contribution and revenue growth.

Forrester Decisions for Portfolio Marketing

Products that fail in the market often do so for one simple reason: They don’t demonstrate how they meet buyers’ needs. We equip portfolio marketing leaders to create deep market and buyer understanding throughout the organisation, driven by a proven strategic approach.

Forrester Decisions for Channel Marketing

Pervasive market forces create disruption – and opportunity – that cascade through the channel. With a combination of bold vision, curated tools and frameworks, and hands-on guidance, you’ll optimal partner loyalty and amplify channel revenue and growth.

Forrester Market Insights

A powerful new service that arms technology and service providers with unique forward-looking insights and objective advice on the market, your buyers, and your competitors so you can seize opportunities to differentiate and make an impact in a rapidly-changing market.

B2B Marketing Certification

B2B marketing certification accelerates your team’s ability to align and create strategic marketing programs that achieve business objectives and grow revenue.

Courses available for you and your organisation:

  1. Accelerating B2B Marketing
  2. Mastering Demand & ABM
  3. Mastering Portfolio Marketing

Complimentary Guides

How The Pandemic Transformed B2B Buying

Explore the latest insights from Forrester’s B2B Buying Survey.

Drive Revenue Engine Performance

Learn how organisations can implement the B2B Revenue Waterfall™ to transform from a lead-based demand management practice to one based on the reality of opportunities and buying groups.

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