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Changing buyer dynamics have upended the status quo for B2B sellers. To help sales leaders navigate these shifts and gain new perspectives, Forrester’s Ask A Sales Leader podcast taps top B2B sales executives for insights on what it takes to achieve and sustain sales success.

Latest Episodes


Setting Priorities And Maximizing Impact: A Sit-Down With Forrester’s CSO

Ask A Sales Leader March 29, 2022
Sales leaders are sprinting to adapt as the world of B2B sales rapidly evolves; if a sales leader does not pace out change, however, they will fail to drive long-term impact. Listen to this week’s episode of Ask A Sales Leader as Phil sits down with Kelley Hippler, chief sales officer at Forrester, who shares advice on how B2B sales leaders can set priorities to maximize top- and bottom-line business impact.

How A Sales Leader At An Early-Stage Company Positioned Their Organization For Success

Ask A Sales Leader March 15, 2022
Sales leaders at early-stage companies need to know what they’re getting themselves into, as they face unique challenges to growing business, such as the need to build stronger relationships without a foundational reputation. Listen to this week’s episode of Ask A Sales Leader as Phil interviews Aaron Bollinger, chief revenue officer (CRO) of Kronologic, who shares best practices for sales leaders at early-stage companies and offers his outlook on the future of B2B sales.

The Future Of Sales And The Differences Between Enterprise and High-Velocity SMB Sales

Ask A Sales Leader March 1, 2022
The future of sales is here. Sales leaders must adapt to the changes it’s bringing because they’re only widening the gaps between enterprise and high-velocity SMB selling. Listen to the latest episode of Ask A Sales Leader to hear Phil interview Bill Kiriakis, chief revenue officer of Adjust, who shares insights on the differences between enterprise selling and high-velocity SMB selling.

How B2B Sellers Can Succeed With Today’s B2B Buyers

Ask A Sales Leader February 15, 2022
Today’s B2B buyers behave very differently from the B2B buyers of just a few years ago. Liam Halpin, vice president sales, EMEA and LATAM sales solutions at LinkedIn, joins Ask A Sales Leader to describe the recent evolution of the B2B buying process and the competencies today’s sellers need to succeed.

How To Successfully Pivot When COVID-19 Upends Your Business

Ask A Sales Leader February 1, 2022
How can you change course successfully when COVID-19 takes away your largest source of leads? Find out as Brendan Walsh, chief revenue officer at Origina, a third-party support company for IBM customers, shares his experiences of refocusing his sales organization during the pandemic.

Direct Vs. Indirect Selling Experiences And How To Succeed As A CRO

Ask A Sales Leader January 18, 2022
What does it take to be a successful chief revenue officer (CRO)? And how do experiences in indirect selling help? Chris Doggett, CRO at Acquia, an open source company that provides a digital experience platform, joins Ask A Sales Leader to dive into his experiences in indirect selling and how that has helped him succeed in his current role.

How To Make Sense Of, And Get The Most From, Sales Technology

Ask A Sales Leader January 13, 2022
How can sales technology help your sales organization improve productivity and results? And with so many options available, what technology should you purchase to assist your sellers? On this special episode of Ask A Sales Leader, host Phil Harrell takes questions from his Forrester colleagues on the ways sales technologies can benefit sales organizations and how sales leaders should navigate the convoluted landscape of sales tech solutions.

What It Takes To Build A Channel Program That Scales Revenue

Ask A Sales Leader September 15, 2021
How can sales leaders implement and manage a successful channel program? Matt Harrell, global head of channels and alliances at Cloudflare, a web infrastructure and website security company, offers his perspectives on this episode of Ask A Sales Leader.

The Keys To Motivating Your Sales Reps

Ask A Sales Leader September 1, 2021
What does it take to motivate sales reps to become successful? Find out as Troy Kanter, CEO of sales talent analytics company AuctusIQ, shares his insights and experiences on this episode of Ask A Sales Leader.