Show Notes

Sales technology has the potential to unlock previously unimagined levels of sales productivity. But in a crowded landscape, how can sales leaders know which tools are best for their organization? In this week’s episode, Phil Harrell, VP and senior research director for Forrester’s sales research team, discusses what Forrester’s research has shown, as well as what we hear from clients on the topic of sales technology.

We discuss:

  • What “sales technology” refers to.
  • The different categories of sales technology.
  • Where to start implementing sales technology.
  • The balancing act between short-term revenue goals and the long-term goal of setting your sales organization up for success.
  • Improvements that sales technology can make at your organization.
  • What sales leaders must do before purchasing sales technology.
  • The changes sales technology will bring to the B2B selling world.

Tune in to the full episode to hear more on how making the right sales technology choices can benefit your organization.