Show Notes:

B2B sales is changing rapidly, and the gaps between enterprise and high-velocity SMB selling are only getting wider. In the latest episode of Ask A Sales Leader, Bill Kiriakis, chief revenue officer of Adjust, shares insights on the differences between enterprise selling and high-velocity SMB selling. Topics include:

  • The differences between enterprise selling and selling at startups.
  • COVID-19’s impact on enterprise selling and how enterprise selling is reaping the benefits.
  • How buyers’ demands for “immediacy” are changing sales processes.
  • What it takes to be a successful VP of sales at an early-stage vendor.
  • The characteristics to look for when hiring managers and reps at early-stage companies.
  • The importance of doing due diligence before joining a startup venture.
  • Lessons learned throughout Bill’s career.
  • How sales has changed and where Bill sees it going now.
  • What advice Bill would give to his younger self.

Listen to the full episode to hear more insights on the differences between enterprise and SMB selling and much more!