Show Notes:

How does an early-stage sales leader position themself for success in the future of B2B sales? In this week’s episode of the Ask A Sales Leader podcast, Aaron Bollinger offers a window into the unique challenges faced by sales leaders at early-stage companies and outlines his vision for strategic growth as CRO of Kronologic, a sales engagement solution vendor.

Topics include:

  • Selling from a big company versus selling from an early-stage company.
  • Growing and navigating accounts after initial sale.
  • The ideal rep profile for early-stage organizations.
  • The importance of calendar-first prospecting in the future of sales.
  • Solving the last-mile problem in the revenue funnel.
  • The importance of domain expertise in the future of sales.
  • Focusing on process over outcomes when evaluating business initiatives.
  • Having a holistic perspective of your function as a sales leader.

Listen to the full episode to hear more insights on best practices and key strategic considerations for B2B sales leaders at early-stage companies!