I attended a technology event in Palo Alto last night. A friend of mine and I were speaking to a 1948 graduate of MIT. His badge stated that he had been "Course 6." To a recent graduate, this would mean that he had studied either Electrical Engineering or Computer Science. (MIT students speak in numbers when referring to majors, buildings, etc.) My friend asked which of the two majors he had studied.

He replied rather politely, "my dear, in 1948, we didn't have computers – it was just electrical engineering back then."

I couldn't really mock my friend because it really hadn't occurred to me either until he pointed it out to us. Duh.

He then went on to talk about how there were large rooms filled with glass tubes ….

In the mean time, I'm complaining about only getting 12 fps while watching basketball on my mobile phone, wondering when EV-DO will get to San Francisco, and thinking my iPod is really too large to be portable now that I have a Shuffle.

All of these technologies are truly amazing when taken into perspective. I will take more time to admire the technology, and I will stop complaining about 12 fps.