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Learn How Humans And AI Will Unite In The Future Of Work

Betsy Summers April 30, 2024
This year’s CX Summit North America will feature our latest insights into how AI will impact company culture, DEI priorities, customer experience, and more.

Can Your Managers Also Be Good Coaches?

Betsy Summers February 20, 2024
Though coaching is linked to high employee engagement and performance, there are nuances that are important for managers to understand. Learn about the coaching skills that can deliver the best outcomes.

Why Is Skills Management So Hard?

Betsy Summers May 19, 2023
Skills management might seem simple at first, but beneath the surface lies a ton of complexity.

Generative AI Is Coming To Coaching, Ready Or Not

Betsy Summers March 28, 2023
AI could eventually scale the power of coaching deeper into the organization. But it's a long way from that today.

Is Performance Management Broken?

Betsy Summers January 21, 2022
Outdated and disconnected performance management programs are increasingly causing damage to employee and organization success, but some organizations are turning to continuous performance development (CPD) programs that are proving successful in solving these problems.

Could Internal Talent Marketplaces Help Us Fix Talent Mobility?

Betsy Summers October 7, 2021
One of the top drivers of employee experience is having opportunities to advance at work (this is easy to find in Forrester’s employee experience research). In the age of shorter tenures and flatter organizations, leaders look to talent mobility to increase opportunities for growth and advancement, instead of promotions. And talent mobility has big benefits […]