I've been looking forward to purchasing a ringback tone since Verizon first announced them in limited markets earlier this year.

I sat down with the very intuitive instructions provided in the press release. (Not sure how their other customers are getting the word.)

I TXTed "RBT" to address "728"

I immediately received the terms and conditions. (More later on what I think about paying a monthly subscription for an application let alone "renting" a song (ringback tone) for a year)

I received somewhat mixed instructions. The responding TXT instructed me to reply with a "Y" while the press release told me to respond with a "List" message. This worked and I was given a list of choices.

They are as follows:

007 Alicia Keys/Karma
008 Los Lonely Boys/Heaven
009 Sublime/Wrong Way
010 Pitbull/Culo

Needless to say, at my age, I don't know Sublime and Pitbull. I do know Alicia Keys and Los Lonely Boys – have seen them at wireless conferences. I went back to check the press release which stated that there were 500 tones available including Soundtracks, 80's, Classic Rock, Pop/Rock, etc. So, off to the Internet to find something reasonable.

Keep holding … haven't found the "Search" function yet, and am sifting through Bow Wow Wow and New Kids on the Block.

Ok, now found the "search" button. On my eighth search, a "result" was returned. 🙂

I finally gave in and bought some ringback tones from the top 10 list … much better than the other options I found.

Now that I am online, I really like this experience. Much easier than on the phone. You can shop, search, listen to music samples. You can even match your callers to specific ringback tones. Great online experience. I'm going to wait and see what my friends think.

More later on "renting" a ringback tone.