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Key Insights From The Feature Management And Experimentation Solutions Landscape, Q1 2024

Christopher Condo April 3, 2024
Over the course of late 2023 and early 2024, we conducted a Forrester Landscape report on the available feature management and experimentation solutions in the marketplace. Get three key takeaways from our comparison of vendors across geography, industry, use case, and size to learn what benefits you can expect from FM&E.

At GitHub Universe, Copilot Takes Center Stage, But Questions About The Platform Persist

Christopher Condo November 29, 2023
The big attraction at the GitHub Universe event was GitHub Copilot, the AI assistant based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 technology. Find out more in this review of the event.

Mature DevOps Organizations Embrace The Process

Christopher Condo November 6, 2023
So how does one go from adoption to excellence? Big picture: Reject false constraints. Learning and adopting high-end practices and technology can be done within any industry engaged in software development ... which is every industry.

Should You Care About Developer Productivity?

Christopher Condo September 27, 2023
Measuring individual developer productivity has its drawbacks. Get four key strategies to help your development teams succeed in this post.

Restricted Source Licensing Is Here

Naveen Chhabra September 7, 2023
Open source has taken the enterprise by storm. What was once seen as risky code, developed in suburban basements, has taken on new life. Major software companies employ teams of full-time workers to write and contribute code to open source projects. Even end user companies such as Netflix, Lyft, Capital One, etc., are contributing back […]

ISDP: Unified DevOps Platforms Coordinate Development And Operations

Andrew Cornwall August 8, 2023
It’s been happening for a while. There’s been a trend in the continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), and release automation (RA) world: DevOps tools merging into a unified platform. CI companies such as JFrog and CloudBees have acquired CDRA companies like Shippable and Electric Cloud. CD companies such as Harness are buying CI tools […]

The Forrester Wave™: Integrated Software Delivery Platforms, Q2 2023: Say Goodbye To The DevOps Tax

Christopher Condo June 13, 2023
CI + CDRA = ISDP Last year, we announced the emergence of the integrated software delivery platform (ISDP) market. At the time, we argued that DevOps and DevOps-adjacent practices had reshaped the development and delivery landscape such that the boundaries between our continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery release automation (CDRA) coverage felt arbitrary and […]

Value Stream Management: What, Why, And How To Pick A Platform

Christopher Condo March 8, 2023
Value Stream Management Works Our research is clear: Value stream management (VSM) delivers real results. We’ve spent the last year learning how organizations have applied VSM to their business, mapping the solution landscape, assessing the impact of mergers and acquisitions, and evaluating the vendors that define the market. We Want To Help You Get Started […]

DevOps Theme Team: 2022 In Review And Looking Ahead To 2023

Julie Mohr December 12, 2022
Happy holidays from the DevOps theme team! Our merry band of Forrester analysts covering enterprise architecture, infrastructure, application development, application security, and technology strategy meets periodically to share research, debate trends, and dive into breaking news. What are a few of the trends and themes that have caught our attention this year? Let’s dive in […]

VSM Enables All Teams To Become Elite

Christopher Condo December 8, 2022
Value stream management (VSM) is not value stream mapping and it’s not a DevOps tool, but it plays a crucial role in helping teams optimize software delivery and track value across their software delivery lifecycle, even when a team is not operating in a “DevOps” mode. VSM tools “connect” into your software delivery process, ingest […]

OutSystems Buys Ionic: What It Means

Andrew Cornwall November 8, 2022
On November 7, OutSystems announced that it had acquired Ionic. A few years ago, that would have shaken the mobile development industry, and even today, it will cause vibrations in parts of it. We see three major dynamics in application development that are shaping the future of software development and this market: The scarcity of […]

The State Of VSM: Five Things We Like

Christopher Condo August 25, 2022
In 2020, Forrester’s Now Tech: Value Stream Management Tools, Q2 2020, report featured 12 vendors with a stand-alone or integrated VSM solution. Two years later, this market has nearly doubled: The Value Stream Management Landscape, Q3 2022, covers 22 fully featured VSM vendors. More vendors means more competition and more innovation, which is good for […]

The Value Stream Management Landscape: The Top Five Use Cases

Christopher Condo August 8, 2022
Forrester’s Value Stream Management Landscape, Q3 2022 gathered data from 22 value stream management (VSM) vendors. Together, we estimate that these vendors account for over 95% of the VSM market. As part of our research, we asked vendors to identify their top five go-to-market use cases. We have divided these use cases into two categories: […]

The Market For VSM And SPM Takes A Big Step Forward

Christopher Condo May 25, 2022
The announcement that Planview has entered into an agreement to acquire Tasktop marks a new milestone in the evolution and maturity of the value stream management (VSM) solutions market. This acquisition brings together two companies with very complementary strengths: Planview provides lean portfolio management, capacity, and financial management, and Tasktop provides value stream management and […]

Forrester’s Now Tech: Integrated Software Delivery Platforms, Q2 2022 — A Primer

Christopher Condo May 18, 2022
Vendors replied to our invitation to participate in Forrester’s Now Tech: Integrated Software Delivery Platforms, Q2 2022 with a common refrain: “What is an ISDP?” Now that we’ve published the ISDP Now Tech, we thought it’d be good to go in depth into where this category came from, why it matters, identify four different types […]

Observations On The Atlassian Outage

William McKeon-White April 13, 2022
What Is Going On? One of our less pleasant responsibilities here at Forrester is commenting on serious business, security, or technical failures in the digital and IT industry. Due to its duration and the implications for a subset of the user base, the current Atlassian outage rises to that level. Atlassian is staking its future […]

Avoid An Open Source Security Nightmare

Andrew Cornwall January 20, 2022
We’ve had a few high-profile security problems with open source software. A disgruntled developer recently delivered intentionally modified releases of his faker.js and colors.js packages, which broke “thousands of projects” that relied on them. Some are wondering if it’s safe to use open source software at all. The White House certainly is — they’ve asked […]

Log4j, Open Source Maintenance, And Why SBOMs Are Critical Now

Sandy Carielli December 15, 2021
Beyond the immediate response issues, the Log4j vulnerability poses longer-term risk management and community considerations.

Balance Speed, Experimentation, And Risk With FM&E Technology

Christopher Condo August 25, 2021
There's a certain amount of risk that comes with rapid innovation. Learn how a new category of technology can help minimize those risks for your development teams.

Feature Management Is Hot — Feature Experimentation Is Just Warming Up

Christopher Condo June 15, 2021
Feature management and experimentation tools assist agile-plus-DevOps teams in achieving progressive delivery. Read more about our recent evaluation of these tools.
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