I've now purchased four ringback tones in comparison to two ring tones. The reason? My friends are starting to complain about hearing the same song over and over.

"That Green Day song you have is a bit of a downer … could you assign my number to another song?"

"I'm tired of listening to that song. Could you swap it out with another one?"

Most of my friends are in their mid-thirties and have been using phones for circa 30+ years – at a minimum. They've been listening to phones ring on both ends for decades. Same ring – over and over and over. Now, after two weeks of hearing 30 seconds of one song … it's annoying? How did we get here?

And so it goes. I now feel like a DJ at a radio station taking requests – each one at $1.99 a pop – and that's just for "renting." I haven't technically spent more on ringbacks than ring tones yes as the ring tone application was more expensive upfront, but my ring back expenditures will soon overtake those of my ring tones.