I spent yesterday in the Los Angeles area at iHollywood's Mobile Impact Forum. They put together a great event with quite a few of the industry leaders. I've been speaking to a lot of these companies over the past year, and it is amazing to watch how quickly things are evolving and how quickly their businesses are growing.

A lot of the campaigns still seemed to be centered around "physical" goods rather than digital ones – or more specifically digital ones that can be consumed on a cell phone.

Other common factors/key success factors mentioned:

– Most campaigns targeted niche markets of mobile users with high adoption rates of mobile data

– Every campaign was opt-in and user-initiated

– Growing number of campaigns were cross-media in that they were advertised in magazines, on bill boards, on TV, etc. In Britain, there seems to be a very high level of cross-promotion from TV to cell phones that we are only beginning to see here in the US with early entrants such as MTV.

The early results were promising even stacked up against targeted campaigns online. Will be writing a lot more on this topic this year.