I blogged last week on American Idol ring tones. One of my colleagues has service from Cingular and gave it a try. It didn't work out so well (see our IM dialogue below).

A request to Cingular, American Idol and whatever vendors are on the backend of delivery: "PLEASE LET THIS WORK!" You have an amazing opportunity to help grow this market and be a true leader in integrated, interactive marketing and entertainment. Please execute.

Our IM dialogue:

JupEmployee: FYI—tried getting the american idol ringtones onto my cingular [read your blog late ]..text message arrived, i clicked on link and received WAP server errors 6 straight times…and rude 'boing' tone to indicate error [well, thats my phone setting i suppose]

Me: you have cingular?

JupEmployee: yep

Me: nice

JupEmployee: I tried dowloading ringtones on it last week..cant believe its such a pain…after i choose ringtone, i twiddle thumb waiting for SMS with it..got it 40 hours later..six copies of it.