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The 2023 DXP Landscape: Composing Is The Biggest Trend And Also Biggest Challenge

Joe Cicman May 15, 2023
Discover the three biggest lessons learned by businesses new to composing their digital experience platforms.

The Motivation For A Change To Product-Led Growth Is A Matter Of Perspective

Joe Cicman December 20, 2022
Tony Robbins says you need the right strategy. But to follow through, you need to tell yourself the right story. But to tell yourself the right story, you need to be in the right state. That’s what he calls the 3 S’s to understand and affect change: state; story; strategy. For example: If you’re in […]

DXP: “You Keep Using That Term. I Don’t Think It Means What You Think It Means.”

Joe Cicman November 10, 2022
It’s not inconceivable. Rather than single-sourcing a DXP, think about your digital experience platform as being: A system of applications (and their underlying platforms) … … brought together by various vendors and agencies … … bound by APIs and events … … connected through good data … … which provides the foundation for experiences and […]

US B2B E-Commerce Will Reach $3 Trillion By 2027

Joe Cicman June 6, 2022
Our latest B2B e-commerce forecast tells an eye-opening story of what will happen in the next five years. Read three of the top takeaways.

Doing, Selling, And Being Headless Commerce

Joe Cicman May 3, 2022
Different roles have different relationships to headless commerce. Yet the concept is easier explained when you can settle on a frame of reference.

Why Headless Commerce Is A Pain In The Neck

Joe Cicman April 29, 2022
It’s not your fault you don’t understand “headless commerce.” Great products have great names that express what they are and why they’re good. Like “doghouse” or “sugar-free gum.” But headless commerce … that’s confusing, and it’s poorly messaged. Let’s run two tests to illustrate this. (Full disclosure: This is a roast of headless commerce.) Round […]

The Top Three Solutions For B2B Commerce In 2022

Joe Cicman April 28, 2022
The Forrester Wave™: B2B Commerce Solutions, Q2 2022 surfaced a significant shift in the market, which we predicted but did not expect to see so quickly or so clearly. So What Did The Results Reveal About The Market? Three solutions scored higher than more broadly adopted solutions. In all three cases, these solutions take a […]

Introducing Experience Architecture: An Ecosystem Approach To Customer Obsession

Nick Barber March 21, 2022
Align your enterprise with your customer and provide a seamless, more intuitive experience.

Predictions 2022: Anywhere-Commerce Will Unlock Massive Investments In Technology

Emily Pfeiffer December 1, 2021


Deliver Brand Relevance And Growth With A New Experience Architecture

Nick Barber October 28, 2021
How do firms like Target, The Home Depot, and Starbucks deliver top quality CX and EX? With experience architecture (XA). Learn more about XA in this blog and at our upcoming Technology & Innovation event.

CRM And DX Programs Are Set To Collide — Here’s What You Should Do About It

Kate Leggett September 15, 2021
When it comes to your customer engagement strategy, digital experience (DX) and customer relationship management (CRM) teams are often viewed as different breeds with different priorities. DX initiatives have an outside-in view in supporting a customer’s digital journey. DX technologies include marketing, commerce, and content management technologies that are purchased by the CMO, CDO, or […]

Buy An Integrated DXP Platform, Not Just A Box Of Rocks

Joe Cicman July 21, 2021
Can on-premise digital experience platforms be migrated to the cloud? Learn the five key takeaways from the latest Forrester Wave.

Predictions 2021: “COVID Wrote The Business Case — Our Future Is Digital”

Ted Schadler October 29, 2020
In 2020, digital shifted from nice-to-have to must-have. In 2021, companies will accelerate their digital transformation with a focus on customers and what, where, and how to serve them.

B2B Commerce Suites: Key Takeaways From The Forrester Wave™ (Q2 2020)

Joe Cicman May 19, 2020
In Forrester’s recently published report, “The Forrester Wave™: B2B Commerce Suites, Q2 2020,” we evaluated the 13 most significant vendors — Adobe, Apttus, BigCommerce, commercetools, Elastic Path Software, Episerver, Insite, Intershop Communications, Oracle, Salesforce, Sana Commerce, SAP, and Unilog Content Solutions — against 29 criteria. After researching, analyzing, and scoring each vendor’s current offering, strategy, and […]

How To Derisk Your Commerce Replatform

Joe Cicman February 6, 2020
Viewing your new eCommerce platform as a container to lift and shift legacy customizations is a mistake. Analyst Joe Cicman provides best practices.

You Probably Won’t Recognize The Next Great B2B Marketplace

Joe Cicman December 20, 2019
I hear this a lot lately: “My boss told me we need to get on marketplaces. What are the best practices?” After a few minutes unpacking the situation, we get to the part about the day in the life of the customer. That’s when I generally hear crickets. When marketplaces come up with vendors, I […]

The Top Strategies For Replatforming Your Commerce Solution

Joe Cicman December 19, 2019
Find out how to match your organization's digital maturity with the right e-commerce platform.

Predictions 2020: Ecosystems Are The New Optimizers For B2B Sellers

Joe Cicman October 29, 2019
Learn what B2B sellers must do to innovate and drive value in 2020. Read our predictions for B2B commerce.

How To Become Self-Aware Of Your B2B eCommerce Digital Maturity

Joe Cicman August 28, 2019
Nearly half of businesses are digital beginners. The other half are eating their lunch. Find out where you stand and what you need to do to defend yourself. The B2B C-suite is demanding that you accelerate your digital transformation. This means that you face more pressure to show progress and benchmark your maturity. My newly […]

Headless Commerce And The Horseless Carriage

Joe Cicman August 13, 2019
As with any high-consideration purchase, there’s an expectation of a bedside manner. Buying an eCommerce platform is no exception. But all too often, I hear it feels a lot like this doctor’s visit . . . Nurse tells me you’re losing sleep. The pain in your shoulder is a case of a brachial plexus avulsion. […]
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