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It's exciting to see something like this be launched even if it isn't in the United States. A lot of applications developers, storefront providers, marketers, etc. having been dreaming of such a scenario here in the States. We've seen examples online (e.g., SoBe) where online sites – especially CPG sites – are offering mobile content (mostly ringtones and wallpaper) as part of a lifestyle image.

Challenges with carriers have inhibited offering such services in the US to date. Also, consumers here are less savvy when it comes to off deck content. This application is compelling in that once the user has loaded it on to the phone, the advertiser has a means of pushing out messaging and content to the mobile subscriber. Could also be sweepstakes, trivia, coupons, etc. – opportunities to get mobile subscribers to engage with the brand more frequently.

Lots of vendors here in the States waiting this for to happen here – ok, well not waiting, but selling hard to make this happen. Will be interesting to see what brands are strong enough to draw consumers in and whether or not CPG brands can.