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DevOps Theme Team: 2022 In Review And Looking Ahead To 2023

Julie Mohr December 12, 2022
Happy holidays from the DevOps theme team! Our merry band of Forrester analysts covering enterprise architecture, infrastructure, application development, application security, and technology strategy meets periodically to share research, debate trends, and dive into breaking news. What are a few of the trends and themes that have caught our attention this year? Let’s dive in […]

API Governance Shouldn’t Be A Four-Letter Word

David Mooter September 6, 2022
While doing interviews for my report, Centralized API Governance Considered Harmful, one interviewee was surprised that I wanted to discuss governance because many of their clients view it as a curse. I’ve had clients ask for presentations but been warned not to utter the words “API governance.” I’ve heard some say that, yes, they do […]

The Convergence Of APIs And EDA: Roche Sets An Example

David Mooter July 5, 2022
REST and event-driven architecture (EDA) are converging in support of digital business. Learn how Roche addressed this convergence.

Your IT-Led API Strategy Is Doomed To Fail: Use API Product Management

David Mooter October 5, 2021
As I round out my first year as a Forrester analyst, a trend I’ve noticed in my inquiries is frustration with making API programs successful. Common complaints: API documentation is poor. Adoption remains low because APIs aren’t reusable. There are too many APIs because IT keeps creating new duplicative and similar APIs. Of all the […]

Our Take On The Microsoft Power Apps Portals Data Leak

John Bratincevic September 1, 2021
In light of the recent Power Apps portals data leak, learn three key points about the security of low-code platforms.

Event-Driven Architecture: This Time It’s Not A Fad

David Mooter April 16, 2021
Clients sometimes ask me, “Why is there so much buzz about event-driven architecture (EDA)? This isn’t a new idea.” Indeed, it isn’t new. From complex event processing to the hardware interrupts of the UNIVAC, computers have been responding to events of some sort since the 1950s. But advances in technology and architecture have elevated the […]

Google V. Oracle: Sanity Prevails At The Supreme Court

David Mooter April 6, 2021
Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court ruled that Google’s usage of Java APIs was legal, and the US IT industry breathed a sigh of relief. At issue was Google writing its own implementation of the Java language, which happened to use the same APIs as Oracle’s Java SE. The Supreme Court’s Decision What exactly did […]

Dapr: Service Mesh Done Right?

David Mooter March 15, 2021
With the recent announcement that Dapr has reached its first production-ready release, we finally see a viable response to Istio and perhaps the rest of the service mesh industry from Microsoft. If you’re not familiar, Dapr is a coding framework intended to solve the challenges of modern distributed applications. You may be asking, “But isn’t […]

Why The Service Mesh Should Fade Out Of Sight

David Mooter January 13, 2021
Service meshes need to fade away into the background of development platforms. To understand why, one must first understand the quiet revolution happening with Kubernetes.

The Power And The Peril Of APIs

Sandy Carielli October 22, 2020
Every time we come up with new ways to build and deploy applications, we also come up with new ways to break them. Did SQL make it easier to access and manipulate large amounts of structured data? You bet, and it also led to SQL injection. Ready to join the cloud? Hope you didn’t put […]