I'm not sure if anyone has written any best practices about when "text to vote" campaigns should be run or when they should appear on TV screens. I'm not a media expert, but covering the entire TV screen with a "text to vote" menu during a "live" World Cup Soccer game? Are you crazy? There are already banners across the top of the screen (ok, knowing the score and clock time is good) and the bottom (ok, maybe good to know that Ben (Pittsburgh QB) is out of the hospital after crashing his motorcycle), but please … give us the middle two-thirds of the screen without any ads during the "live" match. How about a banner at the bottom of the screen during the halftime chatter when there is just a talking head? and not Beckham launching one of his famous crosses?

Messaging / voting campaigns should be giving viewers reasons to watch a broadcast "live" – not a reason to switch over to your competition's broadcast – even if the competition is broadcasting in Spanish.

Voting/messaging campaigns should be creating interest in using the data services on the phone. I mostly felt like throwing my phone at my TV when the picture was being blocked.