Ok, Timothy isn't actually officially auditioning to be Nokia's chief spokesperson in Africa.

He just really likes his phone. It does everything for him – music, photos, video, email, etc. He uses it for business and for entertainment. Yes, it cost the equivalent of what he paid for his engagement party. Yes, the price is some absurdly high proportion of annual income. Yes, his business currently covers the cost of the service – though data services seem to be free since they aren't technically available there in many handsets.

All of that said, he is really using the handset in a way that the handset manufacturers envision that consumers could. He is using his cell phone in ways that most Americans don't – and wouldn't bother because we have PC's, radios, ipods, etc.

There is always a lot of talk about hitting the $50 price point for developing market countries. It was the same with cars. Manufacturers were looking to make cheap cars for developing markets such as China, India, Africa, etc. As it turned out though, early adopters wanted the same MB's and BMW's being sold in Europe and the US. What if it's the same with cell phones? What if it's not a question of budget for a cell phone? but budget for cell phone + computer + portable music player + camera … maybe it won't be the low end phones.

[Nokia – you have to put Timothy in a commercial. He uses your phone in ways today that you imagine we all will in the future.]

His latest email:

Dear Juli,

The whole of yesterday at my office here in nairobi, I
connected the Nokia N91 phone to external speakers and
had people listen to all the local radio stations even
in Vernacular so clearly

and loudly, I mean it is more
than a phone, so may people are really inquiring about
the phone which goes for $ 650 in Kenya though very
scarce, you dont find

it stocked in shops here in
kenya because it is still very new.
I also have taken pictures of most of my telephone
contacts such that when someone calls the picture
comes and the name is said by the phone.

I have downloaded lots of country music on my phone
from my PC and also 10 songs from Debb and dave.

Nokia is wow and I must tell you that 70% of the
youths here use nokia and 85% of adults use Nokia
because of its user friendliness, because I did not
have any trouble understanding it and again its
reception of network is very clear.

The battery is very strong and supports all my
activities : internets, video, radio, music e.t.c
without fail.

Best regards,