Tagged by Pete and a participant in Forrester’s blogjam sessions, I’ll take a shot at Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me. Brief introductions: I’m a senior research associate on the marketing team here at Forrester and I spend most of my time working with Shar, Laura, Suresh, and Dave.

But back to the meme:

1. To continue the past job theme that folks have been writing about, my most unusual job was the first summer of college; I spent my summer days from sunrise till sunset, hip deep in Connecticut ponds surveying frogs (collecting them, not questioning them).

2. I fenced foil for eight years, earned the rank of 44th in the nation, and made the NCAA finals twice while in college.

3. I was a bio major in college – my senior project was very different from the marketing stuff I do now J. I developed a protocol for using immunohistochemistry to investigate the number of chromosomes that a specific strain of Trichoplax adhaerens contains.

4. I also have two main hobbies so I’ll use 4 & 5 for describing them. My first though infrequent hobby is traveling. I’ve stayed at least one night in 30 of the 50 states (hope to reach all 50 before I’m 50) and every other year for the last few I’ve traveled internationally – the summer before last, my BF and I spent three weeks in New Zealand.

5. My other hobby is gaming (between my boyfriend and I, we have an XBox, XBox360, PS2, and an original Nintendo connected to our TV at all times). We also participate in a live action role playing group and will be running three games this coming year.

Hmm, people to tag. Josh and Ted, want to continue the meme?