Lots of good advertising for the wireless industry in the new season. AT&T Wireless had commercials all ready to go with their change of brand message. Looks like Sprint is doing product placement in the show. They did last season as well.

What impressed me most when watching Sunday evening's show was the placement of an application, Telenav. Typically, it's just been the hand sets with no direct reference to the specifics of the applications. Telenav was prominently displayed on the show and then directly afterward in a commercial. I believe that contextual advertising is exactly the type of advertising that the industry needs to drive consumer adoption. Would be curious to know the terms of the integrated advertising agreement.

The one part I struggled with was Jack hot-wiring the 1982 Pontiac and finding a GPS-enabled phone in the car. (OK, not sure it's a Pontiac, but an older American model)

And how about the 4-digit short code: Jack? Send "24" to "Jack" for exclusive content and previews. Was very easy to download from the link – and quick. And, then … there was pre-roll advertising on the preview. A bit hard to see what it was, but I think it was men's deo. Only fault I find with it is that they are still single carrier promotions. I tried the same from my Verizon Wireless phone and received no response at all.