I received the following messaging from my wireless carrier. (My contract ends this month.)

"FREE msg from [carrier]. Get up to $100 off any phone after $50 mail-in-rebate & new 2-yr agreement. Call 1-8xx-xxx-xxxx for details. 2 stop txt msgs frm [carrier], reply w/ X"

Yes, seriously. I'm a $100 per month customer who buys ring back tones and games along with using more than 100 text messages per month. This means that my monthly bill is 60 percent more than their average customer (once taxes are deducted).

They have made no other attempts to resign me as far as I know.

They do know that I text because they can see my bill so the text message is relevant.

I guess I'm old-fashioned and "uncool," but I'm still expect to be targeted in the English language, at least.

I'm also surprised that they are not making more of an effort. Arrogance?

Hard to shop for a new phone over the phone so the phone call as a "call to action" is questionable. Why not an MMS? Why not a link to a video clip with an enticing ad?

My two cents … too big of a deal to close with a text message. It likely works or they wouldn't be using it, but it's simply not possible that it works in my segment.