The 2007 Forrester Marketing Forum officially kicked off this morning with opening remarks from Forrester Research Chairman and CEO, George F. Colony. To set the stage for the conference, George reviewed the six things he tells the CEOs he talks with:

Forrester Marketing Forum 2007 - George Colony

1. You company is inside out. You need to put the needs of your customer before the needs of the company. 2. Your web site needs work. Company web sites they review fail to meet the needs of customers. Think of the customer first. 3. You should be asking one question. Would you recommend this product or service to a friend of colleague? Net Promoter is becoming a driving force within organizations. 4. You don’t own your customer… your customer owns you. Loyalty is waning like never before. 5. Bits wants to be free….bits want to break the law. Companies don’t like this, but it’s the truth. 6. Great marketing + great technology is the only way forward. The most powerful part of this statement is the "+" sign. It’s the combination of those two elements that makes the magic. It’s the companies that do this well that will be successful.