Organic begn he session by asking the quetion: Have You Ever Cnsidered Yoursef Switched On? To answer this question, there were 10 questions that required an answer:
Have you ever…

Sent a picture through your mobile phone?
Captured videos on your phone? In the alterntive, captured videos at all?
been to Second Life?
Do you get more News frm RSS than CNN?
Have you unlocked an achievement on XBox Live?
Do you know what an achievement is on Xbox?
Have you reserved a zipcar?
Know what Zipcar is?
Got a Pirius through Zipcar?
Moved a TV Show from DVR to Ipod?
Had emails read to you while driving?

The point of determining if you are switched on? You could be part of the switched on Persona. The Persona of the future is the way that Organic suggests that we move…things are changing fast and the Persona of today could soon be the Persona of the past. Make sure that Persona you are developing is looking toward the future.


Here are their suggestions, which are good ones even if developing Personas is not part of your strategy:

Invest in a digital strategy

Study the trends affecting your customers

Get saavy about emerging platforms, media and technolog.

Think about the evolution of your digital touch points.

Put part of your budget into digital R&D.

OK, if you have gone this far, write a Persona for your customer… may help you avoid the blindspots in understandng your customer. In the end, your customers, like your Personas all have names and we all really like to b addressed by name.

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