Today, Verizon Business announced that it is to acquire Cybertrust.

I think it is a credibility play for both companies. Verizon Business needed a credible security services story, and Cybertrust needed a credible financial story. Although Verizon Business had managed security offerings and expertise through the acquisition of NetSec (part of the MCI deal), those capabilities and services were primarily focused in the US market. By acquiring Cybertrust, Verizon Business establishes itself as a global security services player. So what does Verizon get from the deal?

·          Global presence: Cybertrust is a respected global security services company that has security operations centers in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

·          Security services competencies: Cybertrust has decent set of offerings in MSSP and professional services that Verizon can build on.

·          Identity management: A veteran of the PKI space, Cybertrust brings extensive identity management experience to the table.

·          ICSA Labs: It’s a well-respected lab that certifies and tests security products.

Cybertrust clients, on the other hand, get access to one of the largest IP networks in the world; but more importantly, they get access to a broad array of network management solutions and "in the cloud" security services. Although the managed services market is growing rapidly, it is also being commoditized. Some of the Cybertrust customers were getting concerned about the long term viability of the Cybertrust business model. This acquition puts those concerns to rest.

All in all, I think it is a win-win for both companies if Verizon is able hold onto the Cybertrust employees and its customers in the long run.