Forbes had a posting today on Verizon Wireless's initial results.

Here's an excerpt:

The company reported net customer additions of 1.6 million on the retail side. During the quarter there were 300,000 net reductions in the company's wholesale base, primarily due to one reseller, Verizon (nyse: VZ – news – people ) Wireless said.

Who is the reseller? Is it an MVNO relationship?

The AP (as well as Forbes, I believe) also posted an article on Verizon's ongoing dispute with Amp'd. Verizon seems to be looking to terminate it's relationship with Amp'd Mobile.

It raises some questions around what will happen to Amp'd customers if they do close shop – at least as a wireless operator in the States. Could make an interesting premium or entertainment-oriented brand for someone. One of my colleagues pointed me to the news about SunRocket this morning.

I just added Lil Bush to my Season Pass on my Tivo so I hope they stick around.