With IT operation costs ranging from 65% to 80%, only a fraction
of IT budgets are available for innovation. HP’s acquisition of Opsware for $1.6 billion is a proof point that HP is
serious about the strategic significance of IT automation. The move was made for three reasons:

  • Best in class provisioning tools: Opsware has
    solid provisioning tools across the IT infrastructure.
  •  Data center automation is more than just
    provisioning: Many clients have multiple processes and technologies today to
    manage, monitor, provision and operate their multiple components in the data
  •  1+1+1 = 7: By combining Opsware with the
    strength of HP’s IT Service Management and Business Service Management
    solutions, HP Software is better equipped than ever to become the leader in
    data center automation

The key to HP’s success is simple but difficult – it must
integrate its multiple acquisitions together and offer customers a modular
solution set that is easy to deploy and use.