UK-based infrastructure vendor Moovera Networks recently announced the availability of its Moovbox F Series Fixed Broadband Gateway device. What’s the what on this seemingly commodity Wi-Fi mesh device? It’s able to make use of carrier networks for backhaul, taking advantage of 3G UMTS/HSPA, TD-CDMA, HC-SDMA and WiMAX 802.16e technologies to pass off data from local 802.11 clients.

Currently marketed as "[i]deal for municipal Wi-Fi hotzones, temporary hotspots, and public saftey [sic] applications" I see no reason why businesses with a large number of remote offices, disparate locations or a need for temporary network access (BC/DR anyone?) could not find a use for this.

This is a product that exemplifies the multi-network future and illustrates how lines will blur between "internal" and "public" networks. Are you listening Cisco, Motorola and Nortel?