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VMware Customers: Get Ready For Broadcom Disruption

Tracy Woo 8 hours ago
Late Sunday evening, Bloomberg reported rumors of advanced Broadcom talks to acquire VMware, which has since been confirmed this morning. In light of Broadcom’s investment activities in the past few years, this news is unsurprising. It made a string of massively expensive enterprise software company acquisitions: Brocade Communications Systems in 2016 ($5.9 billion), CA Technologies […]

Observations On The Atlassian Outage

William McKeon-White April 13, 2022
What Is Going On? One of our less pleasant responsibilities here at Forrester is commenting on serious business, security, or technical failures in the digital and IT industry. Due to its duration and the implications for a subset of the user base, the current Atlassian outage rises to that level. Atlassian is staking its future […]

SaaS Outages: When Lightning Strikes, Thunder Rolls

Brent Ellis April 12, 2022
Just like with self-managed infrastructure, the key to surviving a SaaS outage is knowing the risks, implementing strategies to mitigate and control those risks, and then testing your strategy to make sure it works and that everyone knows how to execute in the case of crisis.

Multicloud Is Hard, But Single-Cloud Failures Make It Necessary For Enterprises

Brent Ellis December 7, 2021
Our research has found that, while most enterprises use multiple public clouds or some form of hybrid cloud implementation, it isn’t done for resilience purposes. The reasons for this are many, but to summarize, building applications to use multiple clouds is hard. There can be massive inefficiencies, complexities, and redundant tasks in managing multiple versions […]

What Is YOUR Disaster Recovery Strategy?

Brent Ellis October 28, 2021
Join other disaster recovery and technology resilience leaders in sharing your strategy for addressing local and systemic risks affecting your business. Click on the link below to fill out the Forrester and Disaster Recovery Journal’s biannual survey. If you complete the survey and share your email, you will receive a complimentary copy of Forrester’s “State […]

Forr Education: Interview Series About Tech’s Role In The Student Experience — Tracy Schroeder, VP Of IS&T, Boston University

Brent Ellis July 6, 2021
Photo: Brent Ellis Higher education institutions are driven to improve customer experience (CX) by competitive pressures related to the future of work and an evolving understanding of what the important aspects of a formal education entail.  The student experience, however, is far more than the three E’s of customer experience — ease, effectiveness, and emotion. […]

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Acquires Zerto, Seeks To Beat IBM At Being IBM, And Dell At Everything

Brent Ellis July 1, 2021
On July 1, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) acquired Zerto for $374 million. Adding Zerto to its product portfolio increases the capabilities of HPE’s GreenLake IT-as-a-service (ITaaS) platform by adding best-of-breed, low-latency copy data management and continuous data protection functionality. Many existing managed service providers (MSPs) already bundle Zerto as their data mover for disaster recovery […]

KubeCon And The (Partial) Emergence Of Enterprise Kubernetes

Lee Sustar May 18, 2021
KubeCon events can be hard to assess. Whether live or virtual, they’ve become a sprawling mix of old-school tech trade show, open source project maintainer meetup, and independent user group. KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2021 was no different. My colleague Brent Ellis led Forrester’s initial appraisal of the online event, noting greater maturity in Kubernetes […]

Mind The Gap — Making Sure Your SaaS Application Data Is Protected

Brent Ellis May 17, 2021
My colleague Naveen Chhabra wrote an excellent report in 2017, “Back Up Your SaaS Data — Because Most SaaS Providers Don’t,” that talked about how many companies have a gap in their backup strategy related to SaaS-hosted application data. As software-as-a-service (SaaS) adoption has become more pervasive, that gap is only widening. While the application […]

Reflecting On KubeCon 2021

Brent Ellis May 7, 2021
Kubernetes has made a huge impact on how businesses deploy applications and how they adopt cloud. This year’s KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2021 virtual agenda was very broad, touching almost every aspect of both developer and operations journeys. As Lee Sustar noted in his blog earlier this week, Kubernetes is being used in a variety […]

Reflecting On Dell Technologies World And The Shift Toward IT As A Service

Brent Ellis May 6, 2021
Dell is in the midst of announcing and defining its IT-as-a-service (ITaaS) platform, named APEX, at Dell Technologies World this week. This shift is a major shake-up to Dell’s business, with the company making organizationwide changes to move from a product-focused vendor to a client-outcomes-based partner. HPE has been on this journey since 2017 and […]

Kasten By Veeam Announces Kubernetes-Native Ransomware Protection

Brent Ellis April 28, 2021
Disaster recovery and data resilience support for Kubernetes workloads has been a hot topic lately, with all the major backup and data resilience vendors scrambling to build more features into their Kubernetes-focused products. My colleague Lee Sustar has been tracking the maturation of Kubernetes and is currently developing advice for enterprises building a full disaster […]

IBM Bets On Open Source To Hyperaccelerate HCI And Hybrid Cloud Adoption

Brent Ellis April 27, 2021
Today, IBM announced its new IBM Spectrum Fusion product, first as a scale-out hardware product, but with a roadmap for a software defined storage (SDS) solution. This new product is billed as a storage solution, but it is much more. It is really a “glue-all” product poised to change the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) market. Many […]

Dell Divests VMware: Investors Cheer While Customers Yawn

Glenn O'Donnell April 15, 2021
When Dell Technologies completed its acquisition of EMC in 2016, it gained a sweetheart of an asset: VMware. More precisely, it gained 80% of VMware, making the software dynamo a mostly autonomous company in the Dell Technologies family of companies. Dell Technologies just announced the expected spinoff of that 80% ownership, making VMware a fully […]

Tech Giants Will Make Texas Power Reliable

Brent Ellis February 25, 2021
We’ve been seeing lots of stories about the effect of the power outages in Texas, and more will come over the next few weeks. When it comes down to it, the “R” in ERCOT was overlooked. One of the lesser-covered issues in the media is the impact of that lack of reliability on the migration […]

Google Buys Actifio — Who Knew Backups Were So Juicy?

Brent Ellis December 11, 2020
Last week, Google announced the acquisition of Actifio and plans to integrate Actifio’s technology as a first-party data protection solution akin to Azure Site Recovery. In comparison, AWS’s CloudEndure Disaster Recovery and Azure Site Recovery are more limited in functionality and scope than the capabilities Actifio gives Google. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) plus Actifio could […]