Admob released a set of metrics about their business today. They provide some well-organized and clear data around the number of ad impressions they are serving and to what devices in what countries. They'll send you a copy for free if you email them at

There is a lot of interesting information here, but here are a few of my highlights:

  • These numbers are up significantly from a year ago (this isn't in the pdf, but you can figure it out from older releases). Yeah, online is still much bigger, but I think when there is a billion or more of anything, it's a pretty big number.
  • The cell phone users who are browsing are not just on high end phones with QWERTY keyboards. Yes, many are, but Razr sits atop the list
  • Wow, the market is fragmented. (yes, we all knew this, but here are some numbers.) Largest market share for any one phone is 4 percent.
  • There is a lot of upside yet in mobile Internet usage that we haven't even begun to see yet. Using a browser on most phones is a fairly average experience. When it becomes good in another couple of years, we should expect to see the inventory grow.