Seemed like I spoke to a lot of folks at the CTIA event this week who didn't think there was much going on. I actually thought there was. For me, the biggest takeaway is that the reality is beginning to match some of the hype we've been seeing in the market around mobile content and data services. In the past, there seemed to be a lot of talk and 1.0 versions of applications that no one other than an early adopter would touch. I saw some applications and experiences that I could envision my mother or one of my friends using.

I saw some great UI's from Nokia, T-Mobile, UIEvolution, Openwave, UIOne, et. al. – a lot more compelling than most UI's on phones today. In the past, an interface was good if it wasn't really bad. I saw some stuff this show that was really, really good. Loved the new interface on the T-Mobile device.

Played a skiing game from GestureTek. They had to pry the phone out of my hands – I didn't want to give it back. Was a good step in the direction of a mobile Wii.

There was lts going on with UGC from uLocate, Ontela, PixSense, and many others – those are just a handful of the ones I saw today.

More to follow …