Today, it was announced Ed Zander, CEO of Motorola, is stepping down from the top job, giving way to new leadership from Gregory Brown. Brown, whose pedigree includes time at Micro Muse, now part of
IBM’s Tivoli family of network management tools, brings enterprise networking background to the top spot at Moto. Why is this important? As the Enterprise Mobility is one of the areas in Moto showing the strongest growth (as evidenced by last quarter’s $600M jump in an $8B/year business) among divisions at Moto, it will be imperative to have at the helm someone that understands the nature and fundamental importance of an enterprise networking business to a large network equipment player; Moto may find this in Brown.

What does it mean for customers? Expect to see tighter integration across multiple network infrastructure platforms from Moto. That Symbol 802.11 gear you own? Expect to see the new leadership at Motorola lead the charge toward a cohesive approach to make it play nice with Wi4 gear. This leadership change may point Motorola in the right direction to take on Ubiquitous Mobility.