Last week,
Microsoft released Windows
Vista Service Pack 1 Release Candidate
(or Windows Vista SP1 RC) to the
general public. This was the last step to be taken before the official
release of SP1 next quarter

Forrester has recently written,
we think desktop operations professionals will start to get serious about deploying
Windows Vista enterprise-wide after the release of SP1. Our conversations with
clients have varied in scope but include businesses that:

  • Have already implemented Windows Vista in some of their business units.
  • Are deep into hardware and application compatibility testing now.
  • Are taking a wait-and-see approach.
  • Are strongly considering skipping Windows Vista altogether.

question, then, to readers: Are you interested in hearing about the
improvements around reliability, performance, and support for new types of
hardware and emerging standards that SP1 will bring? Or does it ultimately not
matter because the biggest driver for Windows Vista is to simply stay current
with Microsoft’s support lifecycle — and the migration will happen regardless
of what’s contained in SP1 or not?

We suspect
most IT operations professionals have little interest in such announcements
until Windows Vista SP1 has been officially released, but we’d like to hear
from you if you feel differently.

By Benjamin Gray

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