AT&T has finally introduced a broadband speed tier that makes use of the VDSL2 network architecture used to deliver the company's U-verse TV and Internet access services. AT&T is now offering a 10Mbps down/1.5 Mbps up U-verse broadband product to customers who bundle it with U-verse TV, for $55 per month.

It's about time. When AT&T first rolled out its U-verse service offering, I was surprised that the broadband service came in the same flavors as AT&T's DSL service offering.  By tying its undifferentiated U-verse broadband offering to the U-verse TV services, AT&T clearly expected uptake to be driven by the new TV service. Now that the 10/1.5 broadband service is available, consumers that value a fast Internet connection over all else when considering a bundle may give U-verse another look. I'm a bit surprised that the price point isn't a bit lower. Look for more competitive bundled pricing in the future, particularly if early uptake lags corporate expectations.

In addition to the faster connection speed, I'm equally pleased that AT&T has dubbed the new service "AT&T Yahoo! High-Speed Internet Max."

It's no FiOS, but at least you can see a nickname in there. (Hint: it's "AT&T Max.") What is the shorthand for "AT&T Yahoo! High-Speed Internet U-verse Enabled," anyway?