I’m going to be participating in a great event next week called I-COM, the International Conference on Online Media Measurement. I-COM is designed to bring together thought leaders from around the industry to take on the following topics:

Despite various efforts, in many domains and particularly amongst the emerging media, unified measurement standards are not yet in place that would allow media owners to present themselves to advertisers in a directly comparable, solidly measurable fashion across all of these disparate platforms, technologies and systems.

Everyone needs to understand what is currently being measured and examine how we tackle online measurement in the future. How should we measure online activity in this era of widgets, feeds, ajax and mobile interactions? How can we know what users’ intentions and engagement are? What are the right measurements to evaluate this? Users, time spent, interactions, clicks, retention, market share, activity reports, brand perceptions, brand recall?

It looks like quite a few of our clients and colleagues will be there — but if you’re not yet registered, I know there’s still time to get involved.

And if anyone wants to schedule some time to catch up in Barcelona, just drop me a line: nelliott -at- jupiter research *dot* com