At precisely 3:13 pm pst I received a text message from Barack Obama's campaign. Within 10 seceonds, I received a second one from Hillary's campaign. How does this happen? Hillary's campaign doesn't text met that often so I was more curious about this message.

[Before I continue, I have to comment though … when is the short code going to show up as a name instead of a number. When I six-digit number shows up as the "Sender," it's like a blinking warning light: "Spam, Spam, Spam."]

Hillary's last words:

Tonight at 9 EST I'm holding a nationwide townhall meeting and I want your input. Reply 'Voice" plus your question and tune in at – Hillary

Barack's last words:

(and granted I receive about one message per day from his campaign – it seems. On Saturday they reminded me to watch him on MTV)

Vote for Barack tomorrow! Polls are open from 7:00am to 8:00pm. For location info: or call 866-675-2008 (press 4)Please fwd this msg.

Pressing "4" on my cell phone did nothing so I guess they mean press "4" once you call the 866 number.

Kudos to Barack's campaign for some location-based targeting.

Yeah, ok, it's just at the "state" level, but not bad.