My inbox is full of messages from Barack and Hillary. Barack sends 3-4 times as many as Hillary. I'd like to say it's too many, but the combination of things he's doing seems to be working. They typically both send text messages before events like the debate in Cleveland, OH this evening. I think I received the messages late morning for the debate this evening … a little late for programming my Tivo since it's not connected to the Internet.

Here's what they each sent today. I think it's interesting that you can get a flavor of their strategy even in a very short message.


"Cheer on Hillary in the debate tonight at 9PM EST. Watch on MSNBC or stream live from – Thanks!"

Barack's (which arrived just seconds before Hillary's did)

"Watch Barack debate tonight at 9pm EST on MSNBC or streamed at Remember to tell friends in OH, RI, TX & VT to vote Obama on March 4th. Please fwd."

Hillary wants moral support. Barack wants to get the word out. Barack wants viral.