I was traveled on US Airways last week from San Francisco to Charlotte, NC. When they set my "Coke Light" (do they sell this in the US?) on my tray table, they also handed me a snack pack and a napkin.

They were offering to let passengers text in their name, email and zip code, and in exchange they would send back their Dividend Miles number. It's not clear if the miles would be automatically registered or if the passenger should present the number to an agent. What I also couldn't figure out was … was I supposed to save the napkin rather than use it? Was I supposed to turn on my phone, but in "airplane mode"? The code was "TextUs" or "839887" – not so easy to associate with US Airways.

What I did like about the napkin, was that they had a figure illustrating a person creating a text message. Could have used the information on my ticket stub – something easy to save and a piece of paper I wasn't tempted to use to wipe off salt off my hands.