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​Data Quality Is Now The Primary Factor Limiting GenAI Adoption​

Brett Kahnke February 26, 2024
With the rapid advancement of genAI technology available to businesses even without highly specialized skills, internal data quality is now the primary limiting factor standing in the way of genAI enablement.

Intent Data Expectations Vs. Reality — What’s Working, And Where Are The Gaps?

Brett Kahnke October 26, 2023
Forrester’s Q1 2023 Global B2B Intent Data Survey asked intent data users how this type of data is being deployed by their B2B marketing and sales teams — and what results these practitioners are actually seeing.

What Type Of Intent Data Provider Is Best For Your B2B Business?

Brett Kahnke July 31, 2023
In the recent Forrester Wave™ evaluation covering B2B intent data providers, we identified four primary business models among intent data providers. Understanding the differing focuses of these business models can help you build your shortlist of potential intent providers.

Where Does Marketing Measurement Fit In A B2B Revenue Operations Org?

Brett Kahnke May 24, 2023
When deciding whether to merge your marketing measurement and insights team into a combined revenue operations function, it’s critical to understand the full remit for a marketing measurement team and how well those accountabilities align with the priorities of the RevOps organization.

The 10 Biggest Intent Data Mistakes For B2B Marketing And Sales

Brett Kahnke February 17, 2023
Learn the top 10 mistakes to avoid for B2B marketing and sales organizations to maximize the competitive advantage that intent data offers.

Dive Deep Into Marketing Operations At B2B Summit EMEA, October 11–12 In London

Brett Kahnke September 8, 2022
Marketing operations professionals have a tremendous opportunity coming up to drive their strategic impact by attending Forrester’s B2B Summit EMEA. With a dedicated Operations track, this year’s Summit offers content for everyone, from beginners looking to learn the ropes all the way to established leaders who are transforming their organisations. Attend sessions geared toward your […]

Revenge Of The Data Nerds

Brett Kahnke April 14, 2022
(Or, Why You Should Have A Revenue Operations Data Center Of Excellence) “Nerd” is a term of pride in my household. My kids and I embrace the label for its appreciation of learning, its respect for trivia, and its … well … accuracy. Our friends know the topics that might get us nerding out and […]

Don’t Set Yourself Up To Fail: Move Away From Marketing Sourcing Metrics

Brett Kahnke March 11, 2022
Sourcing metrics provide precious little insight. Why do marketing leaders and teams still embrace them as the primary gauge of their success?

Asking The Right Questions For B2B Marketing ROI

Brett Kahnke January 31, 2022
How should marketers calculate the efficiency of their spend? The answer may not be immediately obvious — but it may also be simpler you think.

Campaign Planning Is Part Of The Budgeting Process — Or, At Least, It Should Be

Brett Kahnke August 30, 2021
Many B2B marketers find joy in campaign planning — but not so much in budgeting. It turns out the two are intimately connected.

The Perfect Multitouch Attribution Model Doesn’t Exist

Brett Kahnke April 26, 2021
If we can’t even build a car that can be all things to all people, why would we expect one model to be able to answer every tactic performance question? We work with clients to understand the specific intention of their marketing tactics, and then judge their performance within that custom context.

Reaching A Verdict On Channel Marketing’s Return

Brett Kahnke April 22, 2021
The channel organization must have a strong interlock with the marketing operations team to ensure the measurement roadmap is focused on the right areas.

Handling Complication And Complexity In Marketing Measurement

Brett Kahnke October 14, 2020
How to quantify the full value delivered by a B2B marketing organization is a problem that continues to inspire and frustrate in equal measure, even though technology has enabled tracking and reporting that was out of reach for most organizations a decade ago.

Beware False Precision In Your Analytics

Brett Kahnke October 6, 2020
When using data to understand our world, we’re often comforted by exactness in measurement. But end users can rarely see the formulas behind our dashboards, so we need to ensure they don’t make decisions with false confidence.

The Most Important Question in Measurement and Analytics

Brett Kahnke June 25, 2020
  • There is one key question that every reporting and analytics team should ask themselves as they work
  • The answers to this question drive clear decision-making in every phase of a measurement project
  • Consistent reference to this question can improve the output and the culture of a reporting team

Steering Into the Skid, Part Two: Marketing Operations Considerations for Redirecting Spend in a Sudden Market Disruption

Brett Kahnke June 11, 2020
  • A sudden disruption to the market can test the limits of a marketing operations team, delivering both risk and opportunity
  • Organizations that have achieved a data-driven marketing process have greater flexibility to remain aggressive in the face of unexpected challenges
  • Companies that are still pursuing a data-driven culture may determine the time is right to invest in this culture

Steering Into the Skid, Part 1: When Should Marketing Ops Recommend Reduced Spend During a Sudden Market Disruption?

Brett Kahnke June 4, 2020
  • A sudden disruption to the market can test the limits of a marketing team, delivering both risk and opportunity
  • Marketing operations can be a key contributor to the creation of a revised spending strategy
  • It is critical to reassess your plan to identify if it was based on assumptions that are no longer valid and whether resources need to be allocated to new priorities