I’ve been waiting all day for someone to comment on the NY Times wooo-scary ad-targeting-privacy story. (Regular readers know I’m a proponent of Scott McNealy’s theory of privacy.) After reading several hundred words penned by the author herself, explaining why the methodology probably doesn’t work, I’m still left with these thoughts:

– This is a great justification for why Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo
– If Yahoo was really using all this information to target advertising, it’d be making a lot more money
– Why on earth did comScore do all this work for a story that comes out saying its best clients are either not very good at what they do, or are evil? Is the PR really worth it? I mean, we’re in the analysis business. They’re in the ratings business.

Oh boy, am I going to hear it from the usual suspects. But hey, ya gotta do this every now and then to drive up your blog traffic.