We had an 8 to 10 hour drive between Marrakesh to M'Hamid. Our guides – especially Habib and Abdul – were wonderful singers, but we couldn't do Arabic music for that long. The only non-Arabic cassette that they had was U2 Boy – which is a great album, but it wasn't going to last for that long.

Each of the three of us in our car had an iPod, and they had a hook up for the stereo so we were able to listen to some of our music. I showed Abdul and Rudouin the iPhone. The touch interface fascinated them – I think it was the first time they'd seen a device like this. Two things seemed to amaze them most – a) the amount of music on a single device and b) that it was actually a phone – they just couldn't seem to get their heads around the idea that it was a phone.

Our guides had cell phones, but the more basic type with a black/white screen. They primarily used their phones for voice calls and not text messages.


Rudouin and Abdul Checking Out the iPhone on the High Atlas