This is slightly off the topic of wireless, but not technology and services. One of the things that amazed me was the presence of satellite dishes. Apparently they cost just under $100 to get the equipment, and there is no service charge. We saw red clay hut homes in a number of Kasbahs with electricity, but no running water (and very little furniture). The electricity in some places we visited had only been installed in the last ten years. They also had Internet access. It was simply astounding to see so many satellite dishes on homes made of clay and rock. Just down the hill from one village were women doing laundry in a river and drying their rugs on stones along the river banks.


Satellite Dishes on Rooftops in Fez

We visited a Kasbah near M'Hamid where electricity had just recently been added. They didn't seem to be using it for lights or any appliances. There were no cars in the streets – only donkeys, camels and children on foot. The homes had no floors other than the clay or earth. There were minimal furnishings – some carpets, stools, and a few cooking utensils. We did, however find a satellite dish on the roof of a home.


Kasbah near M'Hamid with Electricity

Here is a few into a doorway in the village shown above where there are children watching a European soccer match.