(Above Photo by Jeremy Pepper)

Jeremiah Owyang:  Sitting in the front row from Forrester’s Marketing Forum 2008, the theme for today’s event with over 800 attendees being Marketing’s New Imperative For Success: Engagement

Voices from the Audience:

Live Streaming the Morning Keynotes:
Harley Manning (Setting the Stage) and Brian Haven (Engagement), 54 Minutes

Speaking of Engagement… As we live streamed from the front row, we responded to questions from the Ustream chat room.  One virtual attendee from UK (named Haydens30), asked a question on Engagement, which was then asked by Josh Bernoff at the live event and answered by Brian Haven.  There were hundreds that watched live, and over 70 were in the chat room, you can watch the keynotes in the player below:

MicroBlogging: Twitter
Members are using their laptops and mobile devices to interact with each other using Twitter, a form of Microblogging.  Some of them are tagging their posts (called "tweets") with the event tag, you can view them all here.

Select Tweets include:

  • adamcohen : next speaker: Emmanuel Brown of Nike Jordan brand – he’s wearing Air Jordans, love it
  • adamcohen :  Engagement is the4 i’s:  level of involvement, interaction, intimacy and influence over time #forrmarketing0
  • Jeremy Pepper
    Engagement is close to becoming just a buzz word bc of overuse.
  • Robert Scoble
    @jowyang ‘s CEO called him into the office. Now if he were REALLY hip
    he would have sent a Twitter message. 🙂  (George reads this blog, so
    he’ll see this)
  • Alex Nesbitt
    @jowyang – why such an anti-social conference? You guys needs a way for
    people to ask unfiltered questions or text in questions. (my respone)
  • Michelle BB notices the wifi straining: "need more bandwidth… "

Below are a few pics I’ve taken, but to see all public photos peruse this flickr tag ForrMarketing08,also see Jeremy Pepper’s set,

Eating Our Own Dog Food
At Forrester, we preach to our clients to follow the POST Methodology, here at the forum, we’ve set up roles, processes, and have identified the key objectives we want to achieve by using social media at our forum, have a written plan with success metrics, and will report back to our stakeholders how the event went –both good and bad.  In the spirit of transparency, here’s some of what the plan that was shared among the internal team: Energizing, rather than create most of the content, we encourage our attendees to publish, we’ll link to it from this blog post.  Supporting: We encourage attendees to join our Facebook page and network with each other.  Embracing: We’re using this feedback from attendees to learn how to improve our future events.

Select photos (some from Jeremy Pepper)


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