This is a big loss for AOL.

    PaidContent has learned that Lewis Dvorkin is leaving his post as SVP, AOL News and Sports, on May 1, with plans to start his own content company.

Somebody convince me AOL’s still in the content business. I believe them when they say they’re in the ad network business.

    In recent months, AOL has moved aggressively to bolster its position in areas critical to its emergence as a leading advertising-supported Web media and marketing company. Building on its number one position in third party display with, AOL has spent nearly $1 billion on online advertising acquisitions, including market leaders like ADTECH,, Lightningcast, Quigo, TACODA and Third Screen Media to create Platform-A. Platform-A is the top display ad serving network focused on helping marketers build brands that perform online.* In Web content, AOL’s revitalized network of sites has experienced five months of consecutive page view growth and key categories like Music, Television, Moviefone, TMZ, Money & Finance, News, Living and Body are all in the top four in their respective categories.