So I had the good fortune of filling out two different online surveys this morning. The first was on Facebook. I was taking the Flickster movies quiz. After rating a bunch of movies, they asked me if I wouldn’t mind rating my enthusiasm for the upcoming Indiana Jones movie. Of course I wouldn’t mind. I assume most people wouldn’t mind. If 1 million people take the quiz in a month, and if the CPM was say, $5, LucasFilm only needed to pay Facebook $5,000 for that survey. It was short, and well targeted. Facebook could start collecting this data and report back on how movies are faring relative to past surveys.
Later, on (hey, this is my job!) I took a rather long quiz for Oral B. They asked me 20 questions about different Oral B toothbrush brands. I actually tend to buy Oral B toothbrushes, but was sadly unable to provide them with much of an opinion. It would have been fun if they asked me what colors I like or what type of bristles I prefer. Instead, they wanted to know which obscure brands I was familiar with (Active Pro vs. Active Pro Health anyone?) and other arcane details relating to their various designs and supposed health benefits. The banner ad they showed me was pretty bland as well. I must admit that I only remember the head shot (pun intended) and none of the health-related facts on the ad. At the end, they asked me how fun it was to fill out the survey. Alas, not as fun as it could have been. Let’s hope it was a value-add.