Please give a warm welcome to Scott Santucci, a principal consultant here at Forrester, who will be contributing to this blog. Scott will be spearheading Forrester’s “sales enablement” research and methodologies, an important part of our work to support technology companies..We define “sales enablement” more broadly and strategically than other organizations, as the “glue” that binds product or service groups, marketing, and sales into valuable conversations with targeted stakeholders.

Here are some key bullets from Scott’s impressive resume:

  • Has held sales leadership, marketing leadership, product marketing and management roles – giving him unique cross-functional perspectives
  • Worked with, coached, and trained over 3,000 enterprise class sales people
  • Developed strategic sales effectiveness programs resulting in lower costs of sales, improved win rate, accelerated sales ramp up time, reduction of sales cycle times.
  • Trained in Customer-Centric Selling, Solution Selling, Professional Selling, SPIN Selling.

Scott founded the sales enablement program at the META Group, while serving as VP for Product Marketing and Management. For the last 6 years, Scott has been helping clients of BluePrint Marketing (a firm he founded) to coordinate portfolio, marketing, and sales teams to add more value to targeted buyers.

Scott’s on the East Coast, in the McLean, Virginia office. I’m on the West Coast, in the Foster City office. Thus we keep the distinction between product marketing and product management clear.