I had read some of my colleagues comments about the importance of digital in the US Presidential elections

However, after a week in the US, I now realize how strong a component mobile has become in the digital communication campaign for Presidential elections. The name of Obama's running mate was to be announced via SMS and there were so many discussions about it in the main press, in the social media space and even in bars, that it made me think of how laggards French candidates have been a year ago.

In an interesting point of view in Les Echos, Franck Louvrier (media advisor to Nicolas Sarkozy) draws a comparison between Kennedy in the TV era in 1960 and Obama in today's social networking era. Looking at the number of French politicians' friends on Facebook or MySpace, it seems there is lots of work to be done to reconcile youth with politics…

I would be curious to see some US traffic stats on the mobile Internet in the coming months and the apps to be created. Google has kicked off. See here on Google's official blog.