Another example of an innovative European incumbent: Swisscom has been bundling home broadband with mobile, without requiring a home phone. I suspect Cablecom’s home phone + broadband + TV bundles drove Swisscom to innovate.

This has created enough of a stir with their rivals to prompt a referral to the competition regulator. However, now the regulator rules they may continue.

Received wisdom: Only the altnets, the competitive operators, will market these kinds of offers. Naked DSL benefits over the top VoIP players.

My take: If a competitor is successful, most European incumbents are nimble enough to respond by adjusting product strategy to maintain their market position. There is no reason for an operator not to have a home broadband + mobile offer like this as a part of their overall product portfolio.

Plus, if the mobile pricing is sufficiently cheap, and includes enough bundled minutes, then a consumer will see no need to add a home VoIP service to their naked DSL service.