Monday will be OneWebDay in San Francisco. Efforts around Gavin Newsom’s vision to create an access cloud around San Francisco stalled a while back when plans that involved Earthlink ran into snags in the approval process. And, eventually Earthlink left the business of Muni Wi-Fi.

A new initiative with Meraki has been gaining momentum throughout the city. Rather than renting space from the city, they are mounting infrastructure on rooftops of private homes in part to minimize infrastructure costs. There’s a lot more to their story if you check their website.

On OneWebDay Meraki will be installing infrastructure in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco on the 22nd. This neighborhood looks to be underserved. Most of San Francisco looks to be well covered by Wi-Fi (I blogged years ago about how I could see 20+ networks from my home and I’m sure the situation is even worse now with 802.11n) and is not in need of a Municipal network. Citizens without access are, however, in need of a low cost solution. Meraki looks to be an innovation and right-sized solution for some of the problems cities are looking to solve.