You may recall that I announced the creation of the K.I.S.S. award (Keep It Simple, stupid) in April this year. Today I want to thank the Terries Take newsletter for alerting me to a worthy winner: The Tomy AeroSpider – a remote controlled car that climbs walls.


To get a preview of the wonderful things that this toy can do, check out this video:

You may recall the criteria for my award are that the product or service should be delightful and simple.

Delightful? If you don't think so, please watch the video again.

Yes, I realize that parents might disagree. If you have children, this gizmo may actually drive you up the wall. I also realize that caring parents may want their kids to get some fresh air rather than seeking out environments with walls and ceilings….

But I decided the rules for this award. There's no rigor in the methodology, so don't read too much into it.

Simple? According to the maker, it's OK for kids over eight years old, it's lightweight and won't break easily when it falls off a surface that it can't stick to.

I also think the wacky commercial on Tomy's site is funny (click the guy at the bottom left of the page). I doubt that it can leap from floors to walls or walls to ceilings. (I assume you have to place it on the surface that you want it to run on). But even so, I think it's delightful and simple, so it wins K.I.S.S. Award #2


If you have a product or a service that you feel is better – more delightful, simpler, more deserving of a K.I.S.S. – please post a comment below or send me a message.