by Ray Wang

About 200 attendees were present as Ramon Chen, VP of Marketing, kicked off the event to the theme of adventurers and pioneers in MDM at the Bridgewater Marriott (New Jersey).   CEO, Peter Caswell, led the keynote session with a view on where Siperian has been, where Siperian is going, and then introduced the Ravi Jagannathan VP of Product Management and Manish Sood, Senior Director of Product Management. They presented Siperian’s road map well into 2012.  Key announcements include:

  • Ongoing expansion of the partner ecosystem and alliances.
  • Announcement of semantic masters for unstructured data.
  • Focus on easier to maintain GUI
  • Continued availability of modular deployment options and other cost effective implementations
  • New state management and work flow integration tie backs to the Lombardi BPM tools
  • Visually appealing data governance dashboards.

In addition, a few key trends emerged from conversations with customers and partners:

  • Most customers who had MDM projects also were embarked on SOA projects
  • Pharma customers successfully proved ROI and justification despite being in SAP and Oracle "only" environments
  • Availability of system integrator resources has improved.
  • MDM projects need to be more pervasive and address innovation in order to gain long term political support.
  • Many customers have reached what Forrester Research considers a Level 3 and 4 MDM maturity.
  • Prospects continue to see Siperian as short listed vendors
  • Many seek more innovation from their MDM systems and are beginning to branch out of their single data entity focus.

The bottom line

Siperian customers seem to be well ahead of the pioneering stage with MDM.    Customers we spoke to remain satisfied with their decisions and have been successful in proving existing value.  many customers have transcended past level 3 on the MDM maturity model.

Your POV

Do these trends jive with what you are seeing in MDM and CDI? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.  Post a comment or privately reach out to me at